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The mission of Let’s Go Up to the 21st Century is to expose at-risk youth to the exciting fields related to aviation through summer camps, field trips, and after school events.

We provide a structured environment which will enable students to pursue careers in aircraft flight, air traffic control, aircraft mechanics, and airport services.

A major factor in the success of the student will be parent involvement in the program.

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Pillars for Success

Introduction to Aviation

Since the inception of the Let’s Go Up Summer Youth Camp in 1995, over 2,000 youth have attended our program. Many of the youth who participated in the summer camps have had their interest in aviation piqued to the extent that they have furthered their education in various fields of aviation.

Image by Iwan Shimko

Aviation Preparation

Several students who have participated in the Let’s Go Up to the 21st Century Youth Camp have qualified for scholarships to institutions of higher learning. These institutions include Embry-Riddle University, Western Michigan University, Delaware State University, Hampton University, and Elmira University.

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